We are a small but growing software company specializing in data access monitoring and protection. We engaged with PEN Consultants after getting a reference from an industry peer who had worked with Robert and PEN Consultants in the past. I was blown away by the professionalism and how well, especially Robert, fit within our team. From the contract negotiation to operations, PEN Consultants was a great resource and made the planning phase easy. We are a very conservative company when it comes to our software and how we share our IP, but I felt comfortable and safe having PEN Consultants and Robert work with our team and our most precious assets, our IP. He did everything in his power to ensure proper controls and governance were in place. The output report at the end of the engagement was very detailed and made it easy to convert his findings into actionable development items. We are going to continue our relationship with Robert and his team for the foreseeable future!

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