Absolutely! Insider Threat Simulation services fall nicely under our Red Teaming services. However, we can model the threat under just about any of our services: web app testing, penetration testing, wireless assessments, etc.

OUTSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE: Standard testing is conducted from an outsider’s perspective. This usually means the network is attacked remotely, visits to the campus are stealthy and/or “blend into the crowd”, and there is no “pre-authorized” access to any resource such as to doors, computer accounts, email, etc. The security tester would have the same level of access a “visitor” would have.

INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE: The insider’s perspective simulates an attack by an employee, authorized contractor, or product owner. Typically during this test, the security tester will be granted access to certain doors/rooms and/or given a limited user computer account (just like an employee would have). It could also mean the tester (or at least a network connected device or software) may be on-site for 8+hrs per day in a place such as an office.

FOR CONSIDERATION: PEN Consultants will offer a custom blend of both perspectives based on your organization’s perceived risks and comfort level in granting us an “insiders level” of access. Another advantage to the insider’s perspective is the ability to evaluate the product(s) more quickly and thoroughly. “Outsider’s perspective” is time consuming and not as likely to reveal as much within the constraints of time given for testing compared to having full access. The degree of access will be discussed and determined during the scope meeting(s).

According to the 2012 CyberSecurity Watch Survey, 24% of attacks are from an insider; 51% of corporations say the insider attacks have cost more money than outsider attacks.

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