Some have asked why each testing service has tiers, seeing that some of the lower tiers do not have commonly offered features such as debriefings, detection/mitigation assistance, remediation verification, or in some cases, even a customized report.

We attempt to remain as a la carte as possible with the features offered for each service, allowing you to only pay for what you want and need. For example:

  • Clients using our vulnerability scanning services typically want to keep the cost ultra low, so we offer a “basic” service option which only includes a raw report from the scanning tool(s) used during testing.
  • For our testing and assessment services, clients typically find the provided findings and recommendations report to be so detailed that it is unnecessary to call us back in for the remediation verification/testing, or to explain a certain finding.
  • Some clients prefer to brief their executive leadership and support staff on their own.
  • etc.

Bottom line, why should we charge you for features you do not plan to use? Offering these tiers of services allows us to lower the the cost so you only pay for what you use.


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