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Find your weaknesses before the criminals do - PEN Consultants can help!


We locate vulnerabilities in your systems.


We mimic the actions of a hacker while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and systems.


We provide an actionable plan to protect your data.

What Clients Are Saying

Jason Keogh

Jason Keogh

VP of Products

...our customers are directly and immediately benefiting...

Mickey Henry

Mickey Henry

President costs were 50-80% less than the other penetration testing vendor quotes...

Dr. Kevin Harrison

Dr. Kevin Harrison


...identified student data vulnerable to hackers...


Webcast: The Data Planet

17 Sep 2021: Robert Neel of PEN Consultants joined Pete Martin and James Beecham on ALTR’s The Data Planet to discuss data security challenges and best practices. Source: If you are interested to know Read more…

User Enumeration vs Password Spraying

User Enumeration vs Password Spraying What do you call a User Enumeration attack against a logon service (i.e. username + password)? Based on recent polling (Source_1, Source_2), it would appear our industry peers call this Read more…

How do I get into Cybersecurity?

How do I get into Cybersecurity? I’m often asked questions such as, “How do I get into Cybersecurity?” or “How do I get from an IT role a cybersecurity role?”. This is a copy/paste, with Read more…

Your Schema is Showing

Your Schema is Showing Here’s a look at the results from our recent effort analyzing GraphQL API endpoints across the web, and the percentage of those endpoints that allowed an unauthenticated user to view the Read more…

Building a Security Testing Business

Building a Security Testing Business I am often asked, “How did you get started with your security testing business?” “What are some lessons learned?” “What are your current challenges?” I have been asked enough times Read more…