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Annual Team Mission Trip (2023)

As part of the non-traditional benefits we extend to all team members, this year, PEN Consultants was pleased to add - for the first time - a mission trip. Each of our team members (and one of their family members) had the opportunity to participate at no charge to them. Click here for more information […]


10 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2023

What is WordPress? WordPress is a popular online platform designed for creating websites and blogs. It is a content management system (CMS) where users, regardless of their technical expertise, can easily design and publish their own websites. It is widely used due to its versatility, offering thousands of website templates, plugins, and features that are […]


Annual Team Meet-Up (2023)

PEN Consultants held its annual meet-up June 8-11, 2023, giving team members the opportunity to meet each other face-2-face, participate in team-building activities, and give back to the community by helping those who are disadvantaged and in need. Here is a summary of that event. Thursday Hill Country Daily Bread Serving at a ministry we […]


What is Penetration Testing?

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing, which some may refer to as “ethical hacking” or “white hat hacking”, is the practice of testing a computer system, network, web application, or even people, to find vulnerabilities an attacker could exploit. Penetration testers use much of the same knowledge, tools, and techniques as malicious hackers, but they […]


Breaching a Network With Risk-Accepted Vulnerabilities

How many of the vulnerabilities from your last penetration test report did you risk accept? Everything with a Medium severity or lower? This article is intended to help you reconsider that mindset. Be careful about disregarding penetration testing findings just because they are not High or Critical severities by themselves. Companies are breached every day […]


5 Benefits of Hiring an Ethical Hacker for Your Business

5 Benefits of Hiring an Ethical Hacker for Your Business: Hacking has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1950s, when computers became more widely available, hacking, as we know it today, began to emerge. In the early days of computing, hackers were mostly just curious individuals who explored computer systems for fun […]


Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Vulnerabilities are everywhere. You can be assured your systems have them. There is a good chance the vulnerabilities in your systems may be discovered by an outside party. Do you have internal policies and procedures in place on how to deal with that when it happens? Do you have a public version of that posted? […]


Annual Team Meet-Up (2001)

PEN Consultants held its inaugural annual meet-up October 8th – 10th 2021, giving each team member (and their family) the ability to meet each other face-2-face (many for the first time), participate in team-building activities, and give back to the community. Here is a summary of that event. Friday Meeting up at the Neel’s house […]


Acquisition of PEN Consultants, LLC

Throughout most of 2021, we have been increasingly pursued by various business referral partners and investment firms, asking if we would be interested in merging with them or being acquired. This is our boilerplate statement, so as to not have to repeat ourselves. Thanks for reaching out! I don’t think we’re going to be interested […]


SmartVestor Pro Experience

On 08 Sep 2021, we utilized Ramsey Solutions’ SmartVestor Pro service to find a firm that could help maximize our investment strategy as both a business and personally. This is a review of our experience with that service. Thank You Thank you to Dave Ramsey and his team for providing this service! We’ve used their ELP service in the […]

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