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Our History

PEN Consultants started off as a long time dream of the founder, Robert Neel. Throughout his Information Technology career in the private and government sectors, Robert gravitated to the security side of IT. A list of duties performed during his career can be seen on the Team page.

Our Team

Our Roots

Between the years of 2010-2013, Robert offered his IT and security consulting services, free of charge, to churches, schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations in Maryland and Texas. On-site assessments, remote penetration testing and red teaming were his specialties. In January of 2014, Robert decided that growing his services into an actual company would best serve the needs of his clients, and PEN Consultants was founded.

PEN Consultants now has an entire team of consultants and security analysts assisting clients with their testing needs - See our Team page for more.

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