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Those We've Helped

  • "…identified student data vulnerable to hackers…"

    Hi, I’m Kevin Harrison, the president and founder of West Coast Bible College and Seminary. I want to take a brief moment to highly recommend to you PEN Consultants and Robert Neel. Back in 2013, Robert conducted a risk assessment of our website, and he quickly identified the fact that we had student data that was vulnerable to potential hackers.

    He helped us to figure out what we needed to do to take care of that and to protect that information, but also to protect against future incidences, which we haven’t had any in the future.

    I want to highly encourage you to contact Robert Neel and PEN Consultants to make sure that they can help you protect your data before it becomes a problem.
    — Dr. Kevin Harrison, President
  • "…our customers are directly and immediately benefiting…"

    As a company that takes our own cyber security as well as that of our customers seriously, 1E made a decision to subject our Tachyon Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) product to 3rd party vulnerability assessment. Since we firmly believe that vendors and their products in the security space should stand up to impartial scrutiny, it made sense to approach Robert Neel and his company PEN Consultants, based on his previous experience in penetration testing of other EDR products in the market.

    From the get go, it was an immense pleasure to deal with Robert. His combination of years of cyber security experience and commitment to customer satisfaction created a highly collaborative and valuable relationship for both parties. Robert exhibits that rare quality of being able to provide professional fact based research findings, while remaining passionate about security and our wider responsibility as an industry to the world we do business in.

    We highly recommend Robert and his work to any software vendor looking to get impartial advice on a product’s security vulnerabilities. You will find Robert easy to work with, as well as highly knowledgeable about the potential impact of vulnerability findings. With Robert’s help, 1E was able to quickly close down all critical and high risk vulnerabilities in our product, as well as adjust our product roadmap to address the remainder. Our company and our customers are directly and immediately benefiting from working with Robert. We look forward to further collaboration with PEN Consultants in the future and would be very happy to act as reference.
    — Jason Keogh, VP of Product

    Source: 1E

  • "…one of the most capable and effective new security consulting companies…"

    Pen Consultants is one of the most capable and effective new security consulting companies that I have seen in a long time! If you need solutions like this, give them a look! You will be glad you did.
    — Sean Quinn
  • "…total costs were 50-80% less than the other penetration testing vendor quotes…"

    We received a referral for PEN Consultants and reached out to them about conducting a penetration test against one of our web applications. It was immediately apparent that Robert was highly skilled, knowledgeable and fully transparent from the first phone call. He took time to understand our testing needs and tailored a service to precisely meet those needs.

    Robert provided constant communication and documentation throughout the testing process. At the conclusion of the testing, he provided reporting details for our developers to reproduce discovered issues, understand associated risks, and take immediate corrective action.

    The total costs were 50-80% less than the other penetration testing vendor quotes that we received. We were very pleased with PEN Consultants and the value provided, and would not hesitate to recommend them.
    — Mickey Henry, President idrShare

    Source: idrShare

  • "…They do great work for us across many different areas…"

    Really proud to be working with Robert Neel and his team. They do great work for us across many different areas, please reach out to him if you want a superior product every time you engage.
    — James Beecham
  • "I enthusiastically recommend PEN Consultants…"

    I enthusiastically recommend PEN Consultants for cybersecurity penetration testing and vulnerability assessment projects. Their technical expertise and ability to drill down into every corner of our environment to identify vulnerabilities within our systems has given us valuable insight that enables us to fine-tune and improve the security controls and vulnerability management processes of our mature cybersecurity program.

    This was not a simple “out of the box” Nessus-scan assessment – this was a “white box” testing engagement, where we granted them standard access with a valid user account but with additional visibility into our Active Directory configuration and devices connected to our management VLANs. Granting them this additional visibility maximized their knowledge of and access to our environment during the engagement, enabling them to evaluate configurations not visible to standard accounts while conducting reconnaissance and testing privilege escalation and exploitation from a user account perspective.

    Their testers used current hands-on-keyboard techniques, tools, and hacking methodologies to validate their findings, test exploitability, and provide actionable mitigation recommendations. We feel confident that we will perform better in our annual red team assessment (which will be conducted by an independent third party later this year) as a result of our engagement with PEN Consultants.

    Should you require any additional information or wish to discuss their qualifications further, a confidential referral can be arranged.
    — CISO at a US law firm
  • "…easy to convert his findings into actionable development items…"

    We are a small but growing software company specializing in data access monitoring and protection. We engaged with PEN Consultants after getting a reference from an industry peer who had worked with Robert and PEN Consultants in the past. I was blown away by the professionalism and how well, especially Robert, fit within our team. From the contract negotiation to operations, PEN Consultants was a great resource and made the planning phase easy. We are a very conservative company when it comes to our software and how we share our IP, but I felt comfortable and safe having PEN Consultants and Robert work with our team and our most precious assets, our IP. He did everything in his power to ensure proper controls and governance were in place. The output report at the end of the engagement was very detailed and made it easy to convert his findings into actionable development items. We are going to continue our relationship with Robert and his team for the foreseeable future!
    — Founder & CTO (reference available upon request)