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Cybersecurity Unlimited

PEN Consultants’ Cybersecurity Unlimited service gives you full access to our entire range of testing, training, staff augmentation, and consulting services - at any time, on-demand, and as-needed. This allows us to form strong partnerships with our clients, meeting your specific organizational needs and maximizing your return on investment.

Cybersecurity Unlimited Benefits

This service is a great framework to use in place of traditional, fixed-price testing. The benefits of this option include:

  • Locks in our current hourly rate for the contract period
  • Generally less costly than fixed-price testing - only pay for what you use
  • Maximize testing within your budget, be it less or more than fixed-price (we can test right up to your budget and stop)
  • Ability to prepay for a bucket of hours at a discounted rate
  • Streamlines contracting - if and when you need testing, or even general consulting, an email or scoping phone call is all that is needed to get started (eliminates the need for another contract for any additional testing within the contract period)
  • Ability to adjust testing aspects mid-testing - prioritize testing hours, add/remove to/from the original scope on-the-fly, etc.
  • Provides the option for a less formal / less costly report, depending on what is found, level of detail desired, etc. For example, some clients are comfortable with the “raw findings” level of detail, which is included in most testing by default, and eliminates several hours of reporting / cost. Others want something in between our fully detailed report and those raw findings. More details about reporting options can be found at There is a lot of flexibility in determining the level of detail you want – you only pay for what you need.
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Contract Details

  • Number of hours: no minimum
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): 24-hr phone/email response time
  • Any/all of our services, as seen on the services page, can be used – testing, training, staff augmentation, consulting, etc.
  • Live access to our working notes, hours worked, projected hours, etc.
  • Client directs/re-directs how every hour is spent
  • At minimum, quarterly client/consultant meetings
  • Rates are for labor-only – travel or other non-standard expenses (specialized equipment, materials, etc.) will be billed separately, if applicable
  • Contract length: standard is 24-month

Option A: Pay As You Go

Our standard rate ($300/hr) is billed at the end of each month based on the number of hours incurred for that month.

Option B: Pre-Paid Subscription

When agreeing to pre-pay a number of hours per month during the contract period, the hourly rate is discounted as follows:

  • 5+  hrs/month: $290/hr
  • 15+ hrs/month: $280/hr
  • 45+ hrs/month: $270/hr
  • 173 hrs/month: $260/hr

The following additional terms apply:

  • Monthly payment is due upon contract execution, and pre-paid monthly thereafter, through contract expiration.
  • If hours are exhausted within a given month, the default, non-discounted, monthly billed rate applies to added hours.
  • Unused hours may roll over month-to-month, but not past the contract period.
  • Unused hours at the end of the contract period may be refunded at 50% of the purchase price or unused hours can be rolled over/applied to a new contract.

Pre-Paid Hours (Bundles)

Additional bundles of hours may be added on at any time (to Option A or Option B). Bundled hours are available for use immediately upon purchase. Unused hours roll over month-to-month through the end of the contract, but not past the contract period. Unused hours may be refunded at 50% of the purchase price, or they can be rolled over/applied to a new contract. Payment in full is due at the time of purchase and must be received prior to bundled hours being available. Bundle options include:

  • 20 hrs: $297.50/hr – $5,950
  • 40 hrs: $295.00/hr – $11,800
  • 60 hrs: $292.50/hr – $17,550
  • 80 hrs: $290.00/hr – $23,200
  • 100 hrs: $287.50/hr – $28,750
  • 120 hrs: $285.00/hr – $34,200
  • >120 hrs: $285.00/hr


Mileage fee of $1.50 per mile, per person, from 78006, plus travel expenses

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