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Referral Program

$1,500 credit (or $500 cash) for each referral!

It’s simple: tell someone about our services and refer them to us. If they utilize any of our consulting services, you receive a $1,500 credit toward your next testing service with us OR $500 cash…your choice!

Program Rules

  • Terms
    • referral – the recommendation itself
    • referrer – the person/organization making the referral
    • referee – the person/organization being referred to us
  • You may refer our services using any legal means: in person, social media, phone call, personal email, etc.
  • Within 30 days of the referee executing a statement of work (SOW), you will be contacted to arrange credit/payment.
  • You must choose one reward or the other, not both. You will receive a $1,500 credit toward your next service contract with us OR $500 cash (i.e. electronic transfer, check, etc.).
  • Credit is not to exceed 6% and cash payout is not to exceed 2% of SOW.
  • Although you will receive notification that one of your referrals contracted services with us, we will NOT be able to disclose who it was for privacy reasons. The referee is free to disclose that to you if they choose, but we are not.
  • The referral reward is only paid out to the referrer if the referee is a NEW client, not a current/former client of ours.
  • If two or more referrals are made for the same referee, we will make a good-faith effort to determine who made the first referral, and they will receive the reward. Once awarded, other referrals for the same referee will not qualify for the reward.

Additional Information

  • The referee must mention your name when they initially contact us.
  • The referrer does NOT have to be a current/former client of ours or have any previous ties to PEN Consultants.
  • The referrer should send us their contact information and let us know someone was refereed. This could be as simple as sending the referee an email and CC’ing us.
  • There are no limits to the number of referrals per referrer or payouts.