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Don’t Be a Victim: Find your weaknesses before the criminals do. PEN Consultants can help!

Why Choose PEN Consultants?

Our nation-state-level experience, diverse expertise, total transparency, and ethical values ensure the best service, experience, and ROI for our clients' offensive security testing needs. From basic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to advanced red teaming/adversary simulation, we tailor highly advanced and meticulous standards-based testing for each client, ensuring optimal value, and establishing trust with our clients by treating them the way we would want to be treated.


Our team has extensive experience in information and cybersecurity - spanning both government and private sectors - giving us a deep understanding of threats, vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and risks.

  • Nation-State Level: We have at least two former NSA hackers on EVERY engagement - either working, overseeing, and/or providing meticulous quality assurance and compliance with our rigorous testing standards. This ensures each test is conducted comprehensively and with advanced hacking techniques.
  • Expertise: Our team members have both offensive and defensive backgrounds in information and cybersecurity. Some of their previous job roles include systems and network administrators, serving as developers, creating and leading red teams, penetration testing, and vulnerability & exploitation analysts & operators for the National Security Agency (NSA) and broader DoD community. This diverse range of roles has equipped us with an unparalleled set of skills and expertise and has created a unique blend of red teaming and penetration testing that proves to be unmatched. We are committed to continually innovating and learning so we can stay at the forefront of information and cybersecurity.
  • Standards-Based Testing: We do not run “automated penetration tests”- since that is not a legitimate service. Our testing methodologies are thorough and rigorous, combining multiple industry-standard methodologies with our vast experience and knowledge and then tailoring those to specific client environments to achieve comprehensive coverage.
  • Proven Track Record: We have an established track record of satisfied clients who testify that our premium services outperform their previous vendor every time - in terms of quantity, quality, and risk of our actionable and prioritized findings and recommendations. Reach out and we can put you in contact with our clients who can share their experiences with you. Example report:


Transparency is needed to build trust, have accountability, make informed decisions, improve, and have strong relationships. We provide this in several ways:

  • Clarity: Our service descriptions and Statements of Work (SOW) are meticulously detailed - We don't provide vague, unqualified descriptions like "penetration test," a term often misrepresented in the industry as an automated vulnerability scan. Instead, we offer comprehensive insights into our methodologies on our website and elaborate on those further in each SOW. This level of detail ensures that we are contractually committed to our outlined processes.
  • Public Pricing: We list our hourly rate and estimated pricing for our services on our website - Note: Final contract pricing requires an extensive scoping call with a client, as our services are custom tailored to each clients’ needs and unique risks.
  • Access: Our unique, real-time, live notes provide unparalleled transparency during testing. Clients have access to every detail of our testing process, including tests completed, pending tasks, commands and tools run, raw findings, tester notes, and more, all in real-time. We prioritize transparency above all else, including intellectual property concerns -
  • Purple Teaming: On every engagement, we provide an opportunity to take a purple team approach by furnishing access to every aspect of testing with every engagement -


We are unashamed of our values, and at the same time, are committed to serving all of our clients with the same premium service and quality regardless if they share our values or not. Those differences do not prevent us from serving the security needs of those who may have different worldviews or opinions.

  • Biblically-Centered: We are the only overtly Biblically-centered offensive security firm in the industry, so everything we do is with a highly ethical and moral lens and our core values are Kingdom-focused -
  • Guaranteed Best ROI: The best price AND the best quality, simultaneously. We will match any competitor's pricing for equivalent services, based on a provided SOW for comparison (apples-to-apples). We are not the “cheapest pen test provider”, however, we do provide the highest quality services at a fair price - Clients praise our superior quality work, which consistently outperforms competitors and at a cost of up to 50% less in many cases.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We give 10% of our topline revenue from for-profit clients to various charities that align with our corporate values and social responsibility to help those who are disadvantaged and in need -
  • Non-Profit Discounts: We provide up to a 30% discount to non-profits -
  • Serving Everyone: We are honored to serve clients in just about every industry - There are certain industries, such as abortion and adult entertainment, that we do not service directly, but we will go out of our way to help make connections with other trusted partners who can service their needs.