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Experienced Tester Position – Phase 2 - One-Way Interview

Review the below reference material, answer the listed questions, and submit this form to complete phase 2 of the interview process - this step is part of your interview.

Once this form is submitted, the team will review your answers and vote whether to move you into phase 3 of the interview process - a Zoom screen share with part of the team. To be clear: your responses here will be viewed by every team member before a team interview.

Fill out the form below to apply

Review PEN Consultants' "Non-negotiables" document that all team members must abide by: Non-negotiables.pdf

Watch this video while answering the below question - About Robert Neel - PEN Consultants

Watch this video while answering the below question - Company Background & History - PEN Consultants

Watch the 6 videos in this playlist while answering the below question - Unique to PEN Consultants (6 parts)

Watch the 5 videos in this playlist while answering the below question - Working at PEN Consultants & Company Culture - Testers (5 parts)

Audio record your answers to the below questions, limiting your responses to 60-90 seconds each. Answer all questions in one audio recording and upload that audio file. Feel free to use any audio recording method you are comfortable with. Many applicants find their smartphone to be the easiest method.

  1. What stood out about our company, why did you decide to apply for the Offensive Security Tester position here at PEN Consultants?
  2. In your opinion, what is the difference between a vulnerability scan, penetration test, and red teaming?
  3. What is the difference between encryption and hashing?
  4. What are rainbow tables, and what weakness are they exploiting?
  5. What is Clickjacking?
  6. Without violating NDAs or sharing sensitive info, tell us about a pentest or red team attack that you are particularly proud of. Note: Stop your recording after this answer and upload it.
Drop your file here or click here to upload

If you experience issues with this form, please email us at