PEN Consultants has been privileged to provide services to a wide range of industries, including banking/FI, construction, gaming, state/local government, health, higher ed, humanitarian, IT services, legal, non-profit, pharmaceutical, religious/faith-based, software, transportation, etc. We are continually entering new markets, and look forward to serving you and providing your organization with rock solid security!

For the industries we do not serve (Abortion, Adult, Gambling, Political, Pornography, and the like), we provide a complimentary referral service to help you locate a security testing vendor who can best meet your testing needs. From finding the best referral, getting an initial call scheduled, and even joining the call (if you wish), PEN Consultants will help advocate on your behalf and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Note: We are unable to provide services for organizations that support, transport, manufacture, sell, or are otherwise involved with any services, substances, or products that would be deemed illegal by relevant government authorities.

Schedule a no obligation consultation with PEN Consultants today! Information & Cybersecurity Testing - Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment services for Apps, Web Apps, Network, Wireless, and more!