At PEN Consultants, our security expert is truly an expert in the field. When you hire PEN Consultants for your security needs, you can be confident in your selection, knowing you are getting the best security value for your dollar.

Previous employers:

Robert Neel

Founder, PEN Consultants

  • Over 20 years experience in cybersecurity – 7 years government sector, 15 years private sector.
  • Graduate of NSA’s 3-year CNODP training program
  • National Security Agency GNEVA (Global Network Exploitation Vulnerability Analyst)
  • Established and led the Red Team at USAA
  • Worked on the SBIRS program at Lockheed Martin
  • Resume

Riley Neel

Junior Consultant

  • Fake social media profile creator and maintainer, phishing theme co-author, social engineer, business development, graphics design, marketing, etc.

Rebecca Neel

Business Administrator

  • Pretext author, marketing and graphics design coordinator, communications, content review, strategic planning, social media, maintains workplace professionalism, etc.

Nathan Davis

Director of Customer Success

  • Focus on building relationships and consulting with companies and organizations.

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