PEN Consultants’ Cybersecurity Unlimited service gives you full access to our entire range of testing, training, staff augmentation, and consulting services at anytime, on-demand. This allows us to form strong partnerships with our clients, meeting your specific organizational needs and maximizing your return on investment.

Contract Details

  • Number of hours: no minimum
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): 24-hr phone/email response time
  • Any/all of our services, as seen on the services page, can be used – testing, training, staff augmentation, consulting, etc.
  • Live access to our working notes, hours worked, projected hours, etc.
  • Client directs/re-directs how every hour is spent
  • At minimum, quarterly client/consultant meetings
  • Rates are for labor-only. Travel or other non-standard expenses (specialized equipment, materials, etc.) will be billed separately, if applicable.
  • Contract length: standard is 12-month

Option A – Pay-As-You-Go

Our standard rate ($225/hr) is billed at the end of each month based on the number of hours incurred for that month.

Option B – Pre-Paid

When agreeing to pre-pay a number of hours per month during the contract period, the hourly rate is discounted as follows:

  • 5+  hrs/month: $215/hr
  • 15+ hrs/month: $205/hr
  • 45+ hrs/month: $195/hr
  • 175 hrs/month: $185/hr

The following additional terms apply:

  • Monthly payment is due upon contract execution, and pre-paid monthly thereafter, through contract expiration.
  • If hours are exhausted within a given month, the default, non-discounted, monthly billed rate applies to added hours.
  • Unused hours may roll over month-2-month, but not past the contract period.
  • Unused hours at the end of the contract period may be refunded at 50% of the purchase price or unused hours can be rolled over/applied to a new contract.

Pre-Paid Hours (Bundles)

Additional bundles of hours may be added on at any time (to Option A or Option B). Bundled hours are available for use immediately upon purchase. Unused hours roll over month-to-month through the end of the contract, but not past the contract period. Unused hours may be refunded at 50% of the purchase price, or they can be rolled over/applied to a new contract. Payment in full is due at the time of purchase and must be received prior to bundled hours being available. Bundle options include:

  • 20 hrs: $222.50/hr – $4,450
  • 40 hrs: $220.00/hr – $8,800
  • 60 hrs: $217.50/hr – $13,050
  • 80 hrs: $215.00/hr – $17,200
  • 100 hrs: $212.50/hr – $21,250
  • 120 hrs: $210.00/hr – $25,200



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