A key aspect to any thriving relationship is communication. As such, we strongly believe it is, for all parties involved, more beneficial and cost effective for PEN Consultants to work directly with the client receiving testing services. We have a generous reward incentive in place for a traditional referral-type relationship. More information about our referral program can be found here: Referral Program.

With that said, we are happy to provide co-branded, subcontracted information and cybersecurity testing services for your company. This could also be an opportunity for your organization to add a value added service (VAS) to your portfolio which can bring benefit to your clients.

For an additional 10% fee to our standard pricing, we will contract service with your company, and your company will in turn contract with the client. In some cases, this makes it easier to get our services into the client space as you may already have an existing master services agreement with them and they have your company approved through their procurement process.

PEN Consultants will still conduct a scoping call with the client (and you), and utilize our standard documents (scoping questionnaire, findings and recommendations report, etc). It is typical for us to use co-branded documentation in this type of relationship that includes both logos – PEN Consultants and your company logo.

Contact us today if you would like to partner with PEN Consultants and bring high quality information and cybersecurity testing services to your clients!

Note: As of 01 Sep 2019, PEN Consultants no longer offers full subcontracting services (ex. contractor exclusive branding and documents).

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