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Tech Writer Interview – Phase 0

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Position Overview

PEN Consultants is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic freelance technical writer in the information and cybersecurity testing industry. The writer will create technical documents, including findings and recommendations reports that reflect the results of performed testing. Click here for example.

Working for PEN Consultants offers great flexibility and an opportunity to work in an environment where God comes first, family second, and work third in everything we do. If you have grown tired of having to check your faith at the door, or having to sacrifice time with your family to meet unreasonable deadlines, you have come to the right place.

Below are some of the general details of working for PEN Consultants as a cybersecurity technical writer.

Job Requirements:

  • Work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
  • Have an excellent eye for detail
  • Deliver reports without spelling or grammatical errors
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Ability to deliver reports to deadlines (usually 1-2 weeks turn-around)
  • Meet with subject-matter experts to ensure specialized topics are appropriately addressed
  • Create content based on testers’ raw notes
  • Documents must be written and edited in Libre Office Suite
  • Familiar with the cybersecurity industry, preferably with penetrating testing specifically
  • Familiar with or have the ability to create document automation processes

What we are Looking For:

  • Integrity: Clear background, high level of discretion, etc.
  • Basic IT Knowledge: Windows, Linux, macOS, networking, OSI, etc.
  • Experience: At least some knowledge and experience with writing in various IT/InfoSec/Cyber topics and technologies such as system and network security, OWASP security principles, CIS Controls, etc.

More Details:

  • Status: All team members start out working under a 1099 relationship, which provides all parties the most flexibility.
  • Flexible Hours: You set your own hours! Caveat – There are often client-imposed deadlines, but you will be provided those details well ahead of time.
  • Remote: All work is remote, but it is limited to CONUS at this time. Once per year, we fly everyone into HQ for a weekend of face-to-face fellowship.
  • Communication: You will be provided access to email, Slack, one-on-ones, etc.
  • Pay: Compensation is per document/report, paid as a percentage of the contracted client cost. You can get a general idea of those costs on our services page. All newly hired technical writers will start out at 3% compensation (~$28/hr), and be required to prove themselves to move up. All technical writers have the ability to climb to a 6% compensation (~$55/hr) level by producing client-ready reports independently without substantial help/input from other team members.
  • Benefits: We offer no traditional benefits – health care, retirement, etc. – and that’s a great thing for you! If you don’t already understand this, you need to realize that for every take-it-or-leave-it benefit you are offered by a traditional employer, they reduce your compensation, whether you take the benefits or not. We believe in giving you your total compensation, and enabling you with the freedom to choose which benefits you may wish to pay for, which you don’t, which providers may best represent your values, etc. Once you are onboard, the team can help you navigate this area, and you will quickly realize how liberating this approach to benefits really is.
  • Missions: As stated, we are a biblically-centered and family-focused company. As such, we are in the early stages of launching a company-sponsored missions program in which we will organize, and pay for, missions trips for consultants and their families. Our goal is to be able to eventually sponsor both company-wide and individual-family missions trips. We believe providing these opportunities will not only further the spread of The Good News, but they will help us bond as a team.
  • Team Devotionals: Once per month, you’ll have the opportunity to join the entire team via Zoom for a 1-hr devotional, led by members of the team. This helps us keep our focus on kingdom things, provides a time of encouragement, and gives you the opportunity to periodically share with the team something God has put on your heart.
  • Templates: A Findings and Recommendations Report template will be provided as well as findings and recommendations boilerplates. Note: Approximately 20%-25% of findings and recommendations will be new, and, therefore, will not have boilerplate write-ups.
  • System Security: The system(s) you use for tech writing must adhere to the highest level of security practical – isolation, patching/config management, FDE, passwords, MFA, etc. More details will be provided during onboarding.
  • Conflict of Interest: You should carefully consider any conflicts of interest you may have. This is especially true for those who may maintain other employment.
  • Code of Conduct: Only the utmost professional and moral candidates need apply. We do not tolerate inappropriate professional conduct including, but not limited to: discriminatory comments, harassment, cursing, being uncooperative, disrespectful, unlawful activity, being under the influence of any “mind-altering substance” (ex. alcohol, illicit drugs, certain prescription drugs, etc.) during Services rendered, etc.