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Acquisition of PEN Consultants, LLC

Throughout most of 2021, we have been increasingly pursued by various business referral partners and investment firms, asking if we would be interested in merging with them or being acquired. This is our boilerplate statement, so as to not have to repeat ourselves.

Thanks for reaching out! I don’t think we’re going to be interested at this time, but we’re grateful you considered us for it and for taking the time to reach out. If/when we become interested, we will need to develop a detailed questionnaire to evaluate a firm, such as yours, to ensure they align with our core values and mission.

Our company is a Christian-run business with a Kingdom focus. In addition to having overt Biblical core values, we currently give 10% (increases every year) of our revenue (every invoiced dollar) to organizations that help the needy (ending abortion, reducing poverty) and spread the gospel.

In this day and age, not only is it hard to find other like-minded organizations, but most organizations are literally fighting for the continued genocide of ~3,000 babies a day in the US and funding organizations (ex. southern poverty law center) that label people like us as a hate group. Because of this, our vetting process (yet to be developed) would have to be very thorough to ensure a set of shared values and mission.

At the end of the day, we have realized being acquired would limit our flexibility, and that finding another like-minded firm which is as committed as we are to this mission would probably be difficult. We are making great efforts with the above – our company is growing rapidly, doubling the team size this year, etc. – so we don’t believe it’s wise to make a change to our growth plans at this time.

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