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Annual Team Meet-Up (2001)

PEN Consultants held its inaugural annual meet-up October 8th – 10th 2021, giving each team member (and their family) the ability to meet each other face-2-face (many for the first time), participate in team-building activities, and give back to the community. Here is a summary of that event.


Meeting up at the Neel’s house – fellowship and shooting / preparing for hunting the next day.

2021 hunting 2 | PEN Consultants

Volunteering at Hill Country Daily Bread – loading food in vehicles and talking / praying for those coming for assistance

2021 hcdb 1 | PEN Consultants



2021 deer 1 | PEN Consultants

Hiking at Enchanted Rock State Park

2021 enchantedRockStatePark 1 1024x575 1 | PEN Consultants
2021 enchantedRockStatePark 2 | PEN Consultants



2021 church 1 | PEN Consultants

Alamo and Riverwalk

2021 alamo 1 1024x538 1 | PEN Consultants

Saying Goodbye

2021 goodby 1 | PEN Consultants

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