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Industries We Serve

We often get asked which industries we serve, but the truth today is cybersecurity affects everyone.

Every industry needs help with testing their security controls, understanding best practices, and staying ahead of attackers.

As it happens, we have extensive experience doing just that with nearly every industry, from #Legal, #Financial, #Religious, #IT, #Healthcare, #Engineering, #Education, #Government, and #ComputerGaming to #RealEstate, #Energy, and #Construction.

From a few hours of #Cybersecurity consulting, to traditional #PenetrationTesting, to extensive #RedTeam engagements – and everything in between – we help our clients maximize security value within their budget.

Contact PEN Consultants today to begin tailoring a security assessment with unmatched ROI to your organization, no matter what industry you are in.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced offensive security service that provides Rock Solid Security, look no further than PEN Consultants for all your information and cybersecurity testing needs. Contact us: