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Price vs Cost

There is a HUGE difference between a pentest’s price and a pentest’s cost.

You can easily find “pentests” online for a low price – sometimes as little as $2000. But, those cheap “pentests” often come with a high cost.

The methodology of those cheap “pentests” is shoddy and often misses entire classes of vulnerabilities.

Those vulnerabilities aren’t reported and, as a result, aren’t fixed.

Those unfixed issues are then exploited, data is exfiltrated, malware is installed, and business is lost.

In the final tally, you had a low price…but a high cost.

PEN Consultants strives for something very different: a *fair* price and a low cost.

That is why we post our prices publicly online for prospective clients:

We aren’t always the cheapest price. However, we do believe we are always the cheapest cost.

What’s most important to you?

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