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What specifically makes you unique compared to other firms in terms of experience?

Well, with our Nation-state-level hacker experience…
It’s true
A few other firms have 3-letter agency guys,
usually the owner
But with all of the companies that I know of
it’s some combination of…
they were not a hacker at the agency
or their oversight of each engagement at their company is limited
so you are not necessarily benefiting from
the knowledge of an experienced nation-state hacker
being on every engagement
What makes us unique
we have, at minimum, two former-NSA guys overseeing
“eyes on”
running formal QA
confirming compliance with our testing standards
on EVERY single engagement
I know of no other firm that has this
much less has it on every engagement
To give a metric for you:
when a client has used another offensive testing firm the year before us
we outperform their previous vendor 100% of the time
with quantity, quality, and risk of our findings
some very big, well-known name firms that we outperform
I know anyone can say this
but we have heard it from client after client
One example is a client we set up the initial call with
Our main contact invited some others to join the call
as is common
One of the guys he invited
let’s call him Bob
was on the call
We had worked with Bob before when he was at another company
On the call, Bob told his new company team about the quality of our work
He mentioned that at his previous company
we were able to compromise a lot of weak user passwords
and gained internal access, including domain admin
it was memorable for him, because during the debrief
we reviewed the compromised user list
one of the domain admins on that list was in the debrief
Needless to say,
we gained a new client that day
Bob’s new company

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