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Unique to PEN Consultants – Summary

Discover a new standard in offensive security! This video highlights PEN Consultants’ Experience, Transparency, and Values – all of which make us unique.



What makes PEN Consultants unique from other offensive security testing firms and the cybersecurity industry?

First, I’ll summarize things that make us unique, or at least extremely rare…
Experience, Transparency, and Values
With Experience
In terms of not only cyber, pentesting, and red teaming experience
but also nation-state level experience on each engagement
With Transparency
from our Detailed service descriptions and SOWs
to Public Pricing on our website
the Real-time notes we provide during testing
and so on
And our values
We’re Biblically-centered 
in other words…
everything we do is with a
highly ethical and moral lens
We guarantee the best price AND the best quality
simultaneously, not one or the other
so our clients are getting the absolute best service
with the absolute best ROI
We give 10% of our revenue to charities
and up to a 30% discount to non-profits

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced offensive security service that provides Rock Solid Security, look no further than PEN Consultants for all your information and cybersecurity testing needs. Contact us: