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The Hobby Lobby of Pentesting

Come see why we have been called “The Hobby Lobby of Pentesting”.



Tell me more about your company values

I’ll briefly summarize a few things
and perhaps we can dig deeper at some point
because this is the part that excites me the most
We’re biblically-centered
so we’re unapologetically a Christian-run and Biblically-centered company
for example, we have
monthly devotions as a team
voluntary, of course
but most team members make an effort to attend
and not everyone has the same beliefs
but it still works out good, I think
we sponsor team mission trips
every business decision we make
is based on what scripture says
so there are certain industries that we choose not to serve
and so on
To be clear, we do not discriminate against the clients we serve
there are a few industries,
that we do not service
such as
the abortion industry,
adult entertainment
and so on
those are listed on our website
but other than those, we service everyone
very few of our clients are Christian organizations
only like 5%
not all of those who join our team are Christian
But we are a Christian company
Bottom line
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