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Month: March 2024


Company Background & History

Check out the story of our founder’s journey from NSA hacker to pioneering a cutting-edge offensive security & pentesting company! Source: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT


King Solomon and Authentication Security

King Solomon said, “A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken.” In cybersecurity, authentication using an unpredictable username convention, strong password policy, and securely configured MFA cannot easily be compromised. Usernames: Password Policy: MFA: Featured image is a derivative work from the following images:


3rd Party Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in 3rd party JavaScript, appliances, libraries, and other dependencies make you vulnerable to attack. Create processes that check for updates daily and patch quickly. If the vendor is unable to keep their code updated, seek an alternative solution. #VendorRisks Featured image is a derivative work from the following images:


About Robert

Robert Neel, founder and CEO of PEN Consultants, shares his background working on SBIRS (now part of Space Force), Red Team lead at USAA, a Nation-State Hacker with NSA, and more. Source: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT