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Month: April 2024


No Findings?

Tired of pentesting reports with no real findings? You could be restricting your current vendor too much or you need a new vendor. #FindTheGap We can help! Contact us today:



Learn about our commitment to Transparency. Our public pricing, detailed service descriptions, and real-time notes provide clients with unprecedented clarity & insight into our processes, ensuring trust, clarity, & insight for our clients every step of the way. Source: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT


SMB Signing

The book of John says a good shepherd knows his sheep and his sheep know him. In cybersecurity, SMB Signing is similar to the shepherd-sheep relationship by verifying the identity of those connecting to your network shares, thus preventing Information Disclosure, MiTM attacks, spoofing, replay, data corruption, and more! SMB signing, present in the Server […]



When was the last time you reviewed your email security settings? If you are like most people, it probably isn’t recently. And yet, if not properly configured, an attacker could potentially spoof your email domain and send email messages to employees, or even clients, that appear to be coming from your email service! One configuration […]


Unique Experience

Our unique approach sets us apart – former NSA experts on every engagement ensuring quality, compliance, and unparalleled results. See why our clients continue to choose us after experiencing our superior quality. Source: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT INTERVIEWER QUESTION:What specifically makes you unique compared to other firms in terms of experience?ROBERT:Well, with our Nation-state-level hacker experience…It’s […]


Stay Alert: Insights from Ancient Wisdom

Peter’s wisdom from 62 AD still resonates today: Stay alert, for the adversary is always seeking to devour. In cybersecurity, monitoring and responding to alerts is crucial to catching attackers and preventing data breaches. No organization is fully secure from all attackers. A persistent and/or advanced attacker WILL breach your systems if they decide to […]


Breaching a Network With Risk-Accepted Vulnerabilities – ICS2 Alamo Chapter Meeting – April 2024

It was an honor to be invited to speak at the ICS2 Alamo Chapter Meeting this month! For those that missed it, here is a version of the presentation. Topic: Breaching a Network With Risk-Accepted Vulnerabilities


Security Vendor Priorities

Wondering if your cybersecurity provider puts your security first? Ask for a list of dropped vendors due to security flaws. Their response will speak volumes about their priorities!


Unique to PEN Consultants – Summary

Discover a new standard in offensive security! This video highlights PEN Consultants’ Experience, Transparency, and Values – all of which make us unique. Source: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT


Timely Patch Management

Don’t underestimate the risks of known vulnerabilities. They could have extreme consequences, including, but not limited to, defacement of content, serious brand reputation issues, inclusion of malware and links to malware, ransomware, data breaches, etc. Example patch time policies: It is understood that patching, on occasion, can have unintended availability side effects. Nevertheless, it is […]