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Month: June 2024



PEN Consultants’ foundation is built on generosity and corporate social responsibility. (Matthew 6:21) This year, we are delighted to add the ReStoried 2024 conference to our list of charities we sponsor (see the others on our website). The conference is in early October in Indianapolis. Will you be there?


Detect & Respond

No organization is fully secure from all attackers. Unfortunately, a persistent and/or advanced attacker WILL breach your systems if they decide to target you. It is impractical to fully defend against all attacks. In fact, even “unplugging the computer” will not stop all attacks. As a result, the ability to detect, respond to, and investigate […]


Sharpen Iron / Red Teaming

The book of Proverbs tells us that one person sharpens another just as iron sharpens iron. In the cybersecurity world, red teaming sharpens your blue team, ensuring they stay vigilant against cyber threats and are ready to respond effectively. Featured image is a derivative work from the following images:


Q4 testing

June is the month to start planning for your Q4 testing. Or, better yet, increase your ROI by moving it to another quarter. Auditors are generally understanding of this. Don’t wait until Q4 to start planning for testing that must be completed by EOY! You might be able to get an automated scan done in […]


Industries We Serve

We often get asked which industries we serve, but the truth today is cybersecurity affects everyone. Every industry needs help with testing their security controls, understanding best practices, and staying ahead of attackers. As it happens, we have extensive experience doing just that with nearly every industry, from #Legal, #Financial, #Religious, #IT, #Healthcare, #Engineering, #Education, […]



Did you know God regularly tests the people he loves? It is a regular occurrence in the Bible from Genesis 22:1, Deuteronomy 8:2, Psalms 11:4-5 to James 1:2-3, Revelation 2:10, and Hebrews 11:17. Testing identifies weaknesses we can work on, strengths that we can show-off, and proves our commitment to persevere through adversity. Our security […]